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Krysez started in the rap game as far back as 1988 and since then has steadily hit the UndaWirrld with hit after hit.

Krysez is a man of Lyrics and Flow. He believes a beat is only a tool of a track & should never be used in place of lyrics, and his music represents this characteristic.

Now that Krysez has evolved into the marketing & design specialist in UndaWirrld, he has decided to take a bench and help propel new emcees into the UndaWirrld Stream.

Before Krysez departs the rap game, he has left us a true gem. A collection of some of his most prominent tracks dating from 2000 on forward. These 29 Tracks will give you a sense of what it is like to be born in the UndaWirrld.

*Listen Well & see if you notice the one trend Krysez possesses that is absent in 90% of hip-hop today. We won't spoil it for you!


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