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The idea of UndaWirrld is a vision 20+ years in the making.
1st dreamt up by Original Stylez in the late 80s, he took the vision through many transitions before it became, UndaWirrld.
The organization started primarily as a platform for underground rap/R&B artist. However, after the fall of hip-hop, UndaWirrld had to be restructured.

Now this is the spot to watch & get your own videos, listen to & sell your own music, play games, (some created by us), watch movies with us, join us in conversations about UndaWirrld & the hip-hop past & much, much more.
UndaWirrld is an online recreational hangout. The foundation is the former legacy of hip-hop, but we are built off of modern innovation & entertainment. We provide unseen, unheard of videos, music & games & most will be provided by you.
We are the new link between the streets & the mainstream. If you continue with your dream to make it big in the industry one day…then this will be your pitstop half way there.
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